Investing in Business

My aim is to bring a long-term, owner-orientated investing philosophy to the public markets.

Long term ownership in businesses, not speculators in the price of stocks.

MY Values

  • No Technical Analysis
  • No Margin Leverage
  • No Options Trading
  • No Market Timing
  • No Index Hugging
  • No Derivatives
  • No Shorting
  • No Nonsense

What makes us different?

Typical Fund Manager

  • Multiple products and funds
  • Objective: grow assets under management
  • Short-term investment horizon
  • Diversified portfolio: ‘mile wide, inch deep’
  • Short-term capital base
  • No skin in the game

RBX Investments

  • One portfolio. Invest in our best ideas
  • Objective: long-term compounding
  • Long-term investment horizon
  • Concentrated portfolio
  • Stable capital base
  • Skin in the game